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Recorded between the months of November and December.

"Fade" written in memory of Roger R. Ebsen (1947-2004)

Rain sample from "You Will Overcome" taken from Rainymood.com

Bonus track samples from Beavis and Butthead, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

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released December 23, 2011

All tracks written by Erik Ebsen
All writing and instrumental recordings took place in Erik's Bedroom, Springdale, Arkansas.
All instrumental engineering by Erik Ebsen.

All Artwork by Jimmy Rowe

Erik uses Ibanez guitars and basses, DiMarzio pickups, Boss Pedals, Line 6 Software, Image-Line Software, Toontrack Software, Cockos Software.

Erik would like to thank his family, Danielle Wyaco, Jonathan Chun, John Caruso, Jak Noble, Tyler Blair, Kevin Berk, Anthony DiGiacomo, Tre Watson, Veronica Tousley, David Hersrud and everyone at the Djentleman's Club, James Tyne, Darren "Daz" Ayers and everyone at the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen, Sander Dieleman and everyone at got-djent.com, Austin Peters and Cody McCarty at Outrun the Sunlight, Bryce Butler and Lizard Professor, Russel Hollar and In Search of Sight, Corey Bennett and Tyler Lozano of Bermuda, Jonny Von Harter of Mureau, Jimmy Rowe, Chris Grenville and everyone at Heavy Blog is Heavy, Marc Le Cras, Landon Brown, Paul Duran and everyone at The Battle Within, Tom Still, Jay Warfel and everyone who's taken the time to listen to my music, post on my wall, and share with their friends.

Thank you for your support.




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Spiralmountain Fayetteville, Arkansas

21 year old solo artist Erik Ebsen from Springdale, Arkansas. I do stuff.

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Track Name: Mammals 2012 [feat. Siddharth Basrur and Sunneith Revankar]
by Siddharth Basrur and Sunneith Revankar

Opposable thumbs and some unwanted skin
Positions to be filled
Care for your young as they watch you grow old
Decisions to be made

Passed on and forever rampant.
My kin will carry the sacred fire of the elders.
Primate. Hunched.
The stones will reign supreme.
The stones will reign supreme.

We have a plan
We can make decisions

Grunts and babble hold the order
Bend enough to smell the ground, its essence you will remember.
From the ground to the sky.
The ones that soar will look up to the crawling for advice.
But they will only babble.